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Click here to submit the contents of your van. You'll receive a pdf copy of your border documents via email. We recommend printing them out:

Click here if you want us to book your ferry / tunnel / flight / breakdown cover / vehicle insurance: (You'll need to arrange your own medical/health travel insurance.)

You will need to get the Green Zones app to ensure you stay out of emission zones. You're normally fine if you stick to the motorways but it's always good to check. Click here to download it on the APP STORE or click here to download it on GOOGLE PLAY.

Remember to always tag us in your social media posts so we can share your progress but DO NOT mention or tag locations when you are in Ukraine.

We recommend uploading copies of all important documents to an online drive so you can access them from any device in case you misplace them. Do not forget your Passport, Driver's Licence, V5, and a print out of you vehicle insurance. You may need to notify your bank so they do not block transactions - you will need a contactless bank card to tap on the booths at the tolls in Poland (around £3). You will need 1€ coins for the public toilets in Europe. Check with your phone provider before you leave in case you need to buy an add-on to avoid unexpected charges.

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