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You don't have to go into Ukraine if you don't want to, you can drop aid to Krakow.
You need to provide your own vehicle and be able to fund it 2500 miles (£1500).
You can bring a co-driver/passenger with you to keep you company..
Be prepared to kip in your vehicle or pay for your own hotel room.
We will 
provide you with a European travel & breakdown kit, first
aid kit, 
Ukrainian flag, and a walkie-talkie for the convoy. 
Upload picture of passport (both pages)*
Upload copy of travel insurance*
Upload copy of vehicle insurance*
Upload picture of Drivers Licence (front)*
Upload picture of Drivers Licence (back)*
Upload picture of V5 (side 1)*
Upload picture of V5 (side 2)*
Upload copy of breakdown cover*
*Upload cover photo
Upload Video File
Upload Image File
Upload Image File
We'll be in touch by email very soon!
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