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Volunteers delivering aid to those in need


Rhys works full time in events but in his free time he co-ordinates the collection, sorting and packing of donations here in the UK.


Beth deals with all of the admin, finances and operations. She's also a full time student studying a postgraduate degree in Dietetics and attempting to plan the Lempriere/Wheeler wedding!


Harrison decided to stay in Krakow in Feb 2023. He spent his time split between Poland and Ukraine. When he was in Ukraine he was transporting aid to the villages on the front line. When he was in Poland he was volunteering for a hostel which would house refugees, he'd also receive aid drops from anyone unable to take it across the Ukrainian border. He's now in the UK sorting out his visa, he'll be going back as soon as he can.

The Fleet

We've kindly been donated vehicles over the last few years, some we use here in the UK and some are being used in Ukraine. Stuart little (far right) now works as an emergency aid vehicle in Kharkiv. The Land Rover retired to Portsmouth after it's engine exploded on trip 2...

The Fleet & Richard

We were donated two minibuses from the Duke of Kent school; Tina the transporter and Doreen the deliverer do most of the leg work driving our aid from the UK to Ukraine! Richard, on the right, is a paramedic and collects a large amount of donated medical aid for us.

The Fleet

Meet Fireman Tim and BoilerMAN! Our trucks from Northampton fire service now live in Ukraine and are used to transport aid from the polish border to the east of Ukraine. Not everyone feels comfortable travelling across the country, so they can drop the aid in a safe place, and then the fire lorries pick it up and take it the rest of the way.


Dariusz is a software developer and he really loves cats. He started out as a volunteer for Ukraine Mission and now spends his spare time doing all he can for us.

Have you met Mike?

Mike, on the left, came on a trip with us back in Jan 2023 and has been invaluable in raising funds and awareness for us.

The Volunteers

We've had a number of people travel with us either in our vehicles or their own to help deliver aid. To name a just few we have... Donna, Janice/Sarah, Liz, Mark, Nikki, Grant, Andy, Richard, Tim, Dariusz... not to mention all those at home who have helped to collect, store, pack and sort donations (thanks parents!)

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