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Meet the team:

Beth Lempriere

Rhys Wheeler

 & Harrison Silver



Richard, Mike,

Dima & Sasha

Have you met Mike?

Mike joined us on one of our trips by driving medical aid in 'Slow Sally' to Lviv. He's also been a key player  in sourcing medical aid and raising funds.

Every 1-3 months the team pack 1-2 vans/lorries with donated items and drive it from Guildford UK into Ukraine..

Beth organises the team and gets them from A to B. She is in charge of all logistics, the website,  travel, accommodation, behind the scenes, and most importantly food, snacks and where to find 'acceptable' toilets.

Fun fact about Beth: she refuses to touch zimmer frames. 

Harrison is stationed in Poland/Ukraine. He transports our aid to Zaporizhzhia and to our partners Dolonkimiru on the front line in Kharkiv. He also arranges the collection, delivery, and transport of aid from other organisations by liaising with the charities Fundacja Wolno Nam, Volontery Asgard, Stichting stella Pax, Casus Pax and the local government in Lviv..

Fun fact about Harrison: he snores like a Rhinoceros.. 


Rhys collects, sorts and packs our donations in the UK, he also liaises with our medical donors and our UK/Ukraine animal charities. He spends a lot of his time driving around in Stu the van collecting aid and taking it to our storage container.

Fun fact about Rhys: he proposed to Beth with a ring made to represent the Ukrainian flag

Dima and Sasha, our contacts at Dolonkimiru, mainly distribute our aid to destroyed and liberated villages along the Kharkiv Oblast. 


Oh there's more... as we've gained more and more connections over time, we now work along side Richard Payne. Richard manages our medical acquisitions.

Fun fact about Richard: he's old enough to drive the vehicles that the rest of us can't.. 


Since the trip he has now set up a business importing and selling beers from Ukraine. Some of them are pretty strong and come with some amusing labels!


Check it out: Craft Beers Ukraine


We must also give a huge shout out to friends and family for their continued help and support, as well as Deborah/Doreen, Tina,  Stu, Dougie, Tim, Cassie and Grant - the  Fire Truck source! To everyone who has donated physical items or financially, we are very thankful <3 Slava Ukraini!  

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